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28 листопада 2015 року об 11-00 за адресою: пр. Космонавта Комарова,

1, Центр культури та мистецтв НАУ




Motives of creation and nowadays of the Department 

of country specific studies and tourism

Tourism is a popular sphere of recreation, which every year becomes more and more developed. This is not surprising, because thanks to tourism the spiritual world of people becomes richer, their health strengthens, they obtain the most vivid impressions those are carrying throughout the whole life. Undoubtedly, tourism makes people better.

At the same time, tourism is an important sphere of economy, the branch of economic specialization of many countries and regions. The increasing role of tourism are clearly shown by the data of World Tourism Organization. In 2012 the number of international tourist arrivals for the first time in the history exceeds 1 billion, and revenues from international tourism reached 1 billion US dollars.

Tourism industry rapidly grows in Ukraine as well. This is due to its numerous natural, historical and cultural resources. Just within the last 10–15 years a huge tourist infrastructure with many facilities of accommodation, dining, transport and entertainment services was created.

The National Aviation University – one of the leading higher educational institution of Ukraine – could not stay away from these processes. It is clear because tourism and transport technologically, economically and institutionally are linked. This determined the fact that in 2006 the Department of country specific studies and tourism was founded in the Institute of International Affairs of NAU.

Nowadays the Department of country specific studies and tourism has become a powerful educational and research center that dynamically develops. The staff of the department includes three doctors and seven lecturers with PhD degree of sciences. The staff of the department published about 1,500 scientific papers, the number of which is constantly growing. Most pupils in Ukraine study geography by textbooks, which were written by associate professors V.Y. Pestushko and G.Sh. Uvarova. Each year several Ukrainian senior pupils become prize-winners of international student competitions in geography, which is also a merit of G.Sh. Uvarova who prepares a team of Ukraine. New evidence of the authority of department’s staff is the election in 2013 at the Congress of Ukrainian Geographical Society of three members of the department (G.V. Balabanov, V.I. Vyshnevskyi and G.Sh. Uvarova) by the members of the Academic Council of this community.

Department’s staff actively travels. It’s hard to find a place in Ukraine, where they have not been. There is significant a number of visited countries (more than 50). Among them are remote and exotic ones (Argentina, Peru, Indonesia, etc.).

Professionalism of lecturers, the availability of sufficient material and technical base, close relationships with many tour operators and travel agents – bases of practical training – provide quality training for professionals of all three educational levels:

  • bachelor – specialty 6.140103 “tourism”;
  • specialists – specialty 7.14010301 “specialist in tourism studies and excursion management”;
  • master – specialty 8.14010301 “master of tourism studies, guide”.

The studying of tourism in National Aviation University has certain peculiarities. The study schedule includes subjects that reflects the profile of the university: “Aviation and tourism”, “Transport systems in tourism”, “Logistics in tourism”, “Global distribution systems in tourism”.

The department operates postgraduate specialty 11.00.02 “economic and social geography“.

It’s not surprising that every year more and more young people are choosing the Department of country specific studies and tourism of IIA NAU for their studies. In 2013 the first-year students became 135 boys and girls. This is more than in any other educational institution of Ukraine, where students are studying tourism. The geography of students is also broad, which covers most of the regions of the country.

Now the department is headed by doctor of geographical sciences, professor Gennady Balabanov. The staff also includes doctors of geographical sciences: professors Viktor Vyshnevskyi and Ivan Dudnik, associate professors: PhD of geographical sciences – Valery Pestushko, Viktor Saychuk, Leonila Tkachuk, PhD of pedagogical sciences Ganna Uvarova and Sergey Fokin, PhD of economical sciences Igor Zarja, PhD of philosophical sciences Vira Sergiyko, a senior lecturer Oksana Borysiuk and lecturers Valentina Kucherenko, Nadezhda Stepanets, Roxolana Hryshko, Anna Gebrich. Also the employees of the department are the head of the laboratory Marina Nepomnyascha, the leading  specialist Svitlana Krasulina and the specialist Oksana Koval.